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Former Florida Elections Chief Apologizes For Blackface

Michael Ertel resigned from his position after photos emerged of his 2005 Halloween costume....

Toni Braxton Wants To Give Beyoncé 'A Big Hug' For Dressing As Her For Halloween

The R&B icon said Queen Beys tribute was super sweet....

'Fred Flintstone' Arrested In Florida For Speeding In Prehistoric Smart Car

The barefoot driver became unruly and had to be detained, the Pasco County Sheriffs Office said....

2 Children Shot While Trick-Or-Treating In Philadelphia

The children, ages 14 and 5, are both recovering....

Teachers' Trump Border Wall Costume Leaves Don Lemon Temporarily Lost For Words

“I don’t know what to say....

Idaho Elementary Teachers Dressed Up As Mexicans And The Border Wall For Halloween

The Middleton School District superintendent has since apologized for the images and vowed to investigate the matter....