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Ariana Grande Wears Earrings in Her Hair in “7 Rings” Video

Ariana Grande wears several hairstyles in her 7 Rings video, most notably pink, half-up space buns that look like cat ears and are adorned with big, diamond earrings....

How Your Breasts Change From Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

When you get pregnant, your body goes through a lot of changes. Heres what will happen to your breasts, from changes in nipple size and color to internal changes as you start to produce milk and breastfeed....

Seed Phytonutrients Is Launching Four New Hair-Care Lines at Sephora

Green brand Seed Phytonutrients is expanding its hair-care offerings to include four new ranges made to target specific hair needs. Find out the latest on the brand, which started selling at Sephora January 1....

Review: Is ELF Poreless Putty Primer a Dupe for Tatcha Silk Canvas?

There have been mass allegations amongst makeup enthusiasts that E.L.F.s $8 Poreless Putty Primer is a dupe for Tatchas $52 Canvas Silk Primer, so I compared them side-by-side in performance to suss out the differences. Here are my findings....

Sophie Turner Wasn't Allowed to Wash Her Hair While Filming 'Game of Thrones'

Sophie Turner has revealed that she wasnt allowed to wash her hair while filming the last few seasons of Game of Thrones in order to make it look more authentic once Sansa Stark stopped living an aristocratic life....

Hair Color Trends 2019 - The Best Winter Hair Color Ideas

These are the hair colors and trends that professional colorists predict will be everywhere throughout 2019. Antique gold blonde, Living Coral, dirty brunette — find out more about these cool shades, with tips on how to nail the hue from hairstylists....

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  • KAS New York - SERAFINA

    KAS New York - SERAFINA
    This white lace top is a must this summer. The flow of the top is very flattering and lace is a classic material. Pair with black shorts to complete the look....(more)

    $76.80 More Details
  • KAS New York - MILLER

    KAS New York - MILLER
    This leopard print top will be your go to chiffon tank this summer! Perfect for a nice dinner or a night out with your friends. Pair it with white or black skin...(more)

    $52.80 More Details
  • KAS New York - INEZ

    KAS New York - INEZ
    This top is perfect for work! Layer it or wear it on its own. The navy shirt with yellow and white trim look professional....(more)

    $93.60 More Details
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